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Feb 9, 2017

This week Diamond Dave returns once again as guest host and we are joined as well by none other than the Agent Palmer as our special guest. Under the theme "Bands From America", Palmer plays songs from one of the top rock albums of the late 70's (10:48, 42:56, 1:17:15, 1:52:06), while Dave selects tracks from one of the most musical gifted groups of the 90's (18:46, 1:00:40, 1:25:00) and Chris picks cuts from an influential if not flawed group of the 80's (25:55, 1:08:29, 1:39:51). All this plus working out, Dave's X-mas story, drummers need sheet music?, Dave's music education, velodromes, cringe worthy guitar parts, drinking is the secret to rock and roll, simple solos, the future of the 70's, guitar pinkie, starstruck hitchhiking, Jon Stewart, rock star antics and great songwriting trumps great singing.

Albums This Week: Damn The Torpedoes - Tom Petty   Under the Table and Dreaming - Dave Matthews    Tim - The Replacements

Intro: Magic America - Blur  Outro: Kids in America - the Muffs

Reach Us: @theagentpalmer  @davidmaier7  @chrismaierbc