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Nov 2, 2016

This week we are joined by none other than Neil C. of Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks and his theme "Bands Named After The Singer". While Neil gives us cuts from a well known arena rock band (11:24, 46:40, 1:20:43, 1:50:42), Chris plays tracks from a witty piano driven trio (24:12, 59:22, 1:32:30) and Paul plays songs from a little known band out of the UK (33:46, 1:11:50, 1:41:34). All this plus Chris' dentist experience (2:18), Neil the musician (19:51), 70's chorus' (44:15), John's perfect lyrics (51:37), the Christmas moose (57:40), too cool for school (1:04:00), 1972 vs 1997 (1:16:19), Bon Nickleback (1:28:56), breaking up (1:39:00), and 9-'s sitcom intros (1:53:24).

Albums this Week: Crush - Bon Jovi   Whatever and Ever Amen - Ben Folds Five   Self Titled - Parrish and Gurvitz 

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