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Nov 14, 2023

This week we are joined by Neil from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks on his visit to Eugene, Oregon with Matt.  Matt and Neil used to have a show called Reasons Are Several so the three lads do a bit of a redux of the show, kicking it off with a lot of sports-related topics and songs. 

Track list:
00:00 - Intro (Pete Rock & CL Smooth - In the House)
00:24 - Neil & Matt in Eugene for the Oregon football game
05:25 - Jim Harbaugh in hot water
19:24 - Deion Sanders' season at Colorado
35:20 - Deion Sanders - Must Be the Money
38:12 - Futbol v. Football
52:43 - Nascar Minute (and F1)
63:14 - Nothing But Thieves (Life's Coming in Slow)
69:05 - Outro (Jay-Z - D'Evils)

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