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Sep 16, 2017

This week OLN welcomes Ed O'Hare of the Wicked Theory Podcast along with his theme of "Artists Performing Under a Pseudonym". While Ed selects tracks from a lounge-ified cover album (9:42, 54:36, 1:20:04, 1:55:00), Chris plays cuts from a growth album for one of todays biggest acts (24:52, 1:05:51, 1:31:03) and Palmer gives us songs from an aging rocker looking to stay relevant in the charts (43:29, 1:11:34, 1:36:53). All this plus: who doesn't like music?, wedding singers, Dead Kennedy's, generic names, overplayed songs, name changes, Desmond Child, the 80's, what makes a single, click tracks and VHS recordings.

Reach Us: @edwardoharetbd  @agentpalmer  @chrismaierbc