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Jul 25, 2016

This week we are joined by none other than Rad Dad Chad from the Full of Fibre podcast and his theme 'Hip Hop'. While Mr. Milroy plays tracks from a popular 90's album that mixes in large doses of R&B (20:19, 46:40, 1:07:22, 1:28:21), Paul selects cuts from a more recent album full of dance club influences (29:58, 50:35, 1:12:43) and Chris gives us his selections from a cornerstone album that affected much of the music that came after it (37:43, 57:45, 1:21:38). All this plus Paul's vacate (3:53), kids on the mic (13:54), video dance parties (20:30), dis tracks (26:50), Paul on hip hop (44:00), dance music vs hip hop (55:50), Fresh Prince of Bel Air (1:01:15), Canadian hip hop geography (1:03:28), Balmoral School girls (1:10:05), how to sneak into a pool (1:18:32), sampling (1:25:11), and celebrity cheats (1:33:00)

Intro: music by Jimmy Buffet lyrics by Paul Maier

Outro: Hip Hop is a Way Of Life - Guru

Albums This Week: Phenomenon - LL Cool J   The E.N.D. - Black Eyed Peas   Three Feet High and Rising - De La Soul

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