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Apr 10, 2016

Thyis week, Chris and Paul switch eras and play albums from each others favourite decade. Chris plays cuts from a 70's album that was a cornerstone of the post-punk genre of music (16:30) while Paul plays tracks from one of the most quintessentially Canadian albums of the 90's if not ever(23:30). All this plus, stadium talk (4:17), future intro songs (8:50), Gym mishaps (12:25), warm up songs (38:31), Paul never listens (40:23), the Canadian Pearl Jam (46:32), lyric origins (1:01:29), Paul's possible career change (1:23:43) and Agent Palmer-Maier? (1:35:18)

Intro Song: music by the Rolling Stones  lyrics by Paul Maier   Outro song:Highway Girl (Double-Suicide Rant) - The Tragically Hip

Albums This Week: London Calling - The Clash   Fully Completely - The Tragically Hip