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Our Liner Notes is a music conversation podcast where your hosts Paul and Chris will bring selected albums based on a particular weekly theme with which to play selected tracks and attach stories and factoids to ignite conversation among the group. We can be reached at or on twiiter @olinernotes.
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Jul 24, 2017

This week Paul welcomes Jodie B of the Po' Boys Podcast and his theme of American Jazz Funk!  While Jodie plays tracks from one of his favourite truck driving albums from New Orleans (23:27, 43:24, 1:02:19, 1:25:49, 1:48:06), Paul selects cuts from Californian horn section outfit (33:32, 52:02, 1:11:34, 1:36:04, 1:55:43).

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Jul 18, 2017

In the very first episode of the brand spankin' new 'Mix Tape' format, Chris invites the one and only producer extraordinaire, Agent Palmer! Given a pre-set list of questions, Palmer selects an eclectic blend of tracks as his answers (10:50, 21:05, 32:25, 39:20, 48:43, 58:45, 1:11:29, 1:20:29) to take us on a musical journey through his soul. All this plus: Shell Cruisin' Classics, dinner parties, mom vs dad, basketball pep band, cover bands, the Transformers, Bic lighters, wanting to be saved, female songwriters, Eternal Flame torture, college bands, funeral songs and teenage love.

ALSO - Stay tuned for a special bonus behind the scenes interview!

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Jul 8, 2017

This week Chris is joined by his lovely wife and How Was Your Week Honey Co-host, Kristin Maier as they play some selected tracks from their A - Z playlists as assigned to them by the one and only Agent Palmer. While Chris has difficulty selecting tracks that haven't already appears on the show (21:10, 37:48, 54:22, 1:12:22, 1:30:28), Kristin plays cuts from her much more eclectic list (9:44, 28:34, 44:43, 1:02:47, 1:20:44). All this, plus: list origins, Jazz music, significant others music, steak and mushrooms, bands we can't agree on, sick boys, the Blues, Whistler retreats, female artists, drug use in film, Kurt and Courtney, difficulties with themes and genres, honourable mentions and EDM.

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Jun 22, 2017

This episode Paul welcomes return guest Rodrigo Venegas of the Listening Party and the 15 Minute Eargasm Podcasts along with the theme "Album You Haven't Listened to in 10 Years or More". While Rod selects tracks from an early 2000's supergroup (18:20, 51:44, 1:09:06, 1:31:05, 1:48:33), Paul plays cuts from a cornerstone album of the 80's (39:08, 1:01:38, 1:19:19, 1:34:31, 1:54:06).

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Jun 2, 2017

In a return episode, Chris goes solo to pay tribute to the recently departed Chris Cornell with a brief history of the man and his music.

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Apr 20, 2017

This week is another hostful episode and our theme is "Band/Arttist from California". Paul plays tracks from his favourite 70's band (5:00, 30:48, 42:40, 55:30, 1:15:46) while Chris brings songs from a 90's ska/punk outfit (18:01, 36:33, 50:49, 1:04:24, 1:25:12). Also on this episode: allergies, booze-neat, ska history, guitar finger picking, Fishbone, Reel Big Fish, Hell's Angels, music style shifts, millennials, Winnipeg history, West End Cultural Centre, nicknames and speaking Spanish.

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Mar 9, 2017

This week Paul makes his triumphant return with our theme " Album you love for the lyrics". While Chris plays tracks from a synth rock/pop outfit (5:07, 36:32, 50:17, 1:07:05, 1:24:43), Paul selects songs from one of the greatest selling rock acts of all time (16:05, 43:00, 57:37, 1:16:25, 1:32:45). All this plus class differences, Paul actually likes Chris's band, early videos, 1st cars, dangerous cosplay, music for storytelling, rock opera, biblical inspirations, old studio technology, dead beat dads, messing with M.J., Peter's drive-in, Fred's thing and Wayne's World.

Albums This Week: This is Hardcore - Pulp  Night at the Opera - Queen

Intro: Lyrics to Go - Tribe  Called Quest  Outro: Lyric Licking - Del the Funky Homosapien

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Feb 28, 2017

This week OLN is hijacked by the hosts of a new couples podcast, "How Was Your Week, Honey?" one of which sounds an awful like one half of the original show hosting duo. While Kristin plays tracks of a soundtrack that reminds her of when she first met her husband (8:44, 30:35, 47:48, 1:08:18, 1:26:52), Chris selects song from a various artists "album" (20:26, 40:42, 59:50, 1:19:42, 1:35:51) that has stayed with this couple to date. All this plus the Taming of the Shrew, no such things as bad publicity, break ups, bad mix tape etiquette, car accidents, Heath Ledger, social anxieties, Hayley Mills, safe grad, Winnipeg ska, Radiohead can be contentious, Josey and the Pussycats and the mix tape song list.

Albums this Week: 10 Things I Hate About You - Various   

Intro: Mr. E's Beautiful Blues - Eels   Outro: Deeper Than Beauty - Sloan

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Feb 18, 2017

This week Agent Palmer returns to fill in as co-host with the theme "Power Trio". Savouring his first opportunity to bring five songs, Palmer selects tracks from a mid-western trio he discovered in college (12:50, 32:16, 53:22, 1:14:00, 13:54) while Chris plays songs from a Scottish indie-rock band major debut (18:00, 43:15, 1:06:25, 1:24:44, 1:42:26). All this plus the plethora of power trios, Emo, how to start an album, Beatles vs Stones reprise, Chicago vs Delta blues, home recordings back in the day, hating the Vancouver Canucks, Palmer breaks the OLN rules, band evolution over time, indie bands, hidden CD tracks and the benefits of streaming services.

Albums this week: Maybe I'll Catch Fire - Alkaline Trio    Costello Music - the Fratellis

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Feb 9, 2017

This week Diamond Dave returns once again as guest host and we are joined as well by none other than the Agent Palmer as our special guest. Under the theme "Bands From America", Palmer plays songs from one of the top rock albums of the late 70's (10:48, 42:56, 1:17:15, 1:52:06), while Dave selects tracks from one of the most musical gifted groups of the 90's (18:46, 1:00:40, 1:25:00) and Chris picks cuts from an influential if not flawed group of the 80's (25:55, 1:08:29, 1:39:51). All this plus working out, Dave's X-mas story, drummers need sheet music?, Dave's music education, velodromes, cringe worthy guitar parts, drinking is the secret to rock and roll, simple solos, the future of the 70's, guitar pinkie, starstruck hitchhiking, Jon Stewart, rock star antics and great songwriting trumps great singing.

Albums This Week: Damn The Torpedoes - Tom Petty   Under the Table and Dreaming - Dave Matthews    Tim - The Replacements

Intro: Magic America - Blur  Outro: Kids in America - the Muffs

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Feb 1, 2017

This week we welcome our favourite Maier, Diamond Dave back to the show along with his theme, "New to You in the Last Year". Live from Paul's Texas studio, Dave plays tracks from one of the year's biggest albums (10:10, 44:36, 1:13:01, 1:33:55), while Paul gives us cuts from a Serbian blues goddess (22:44, 55:46, 1:19:30) and Chris selects songs from an 80's influenced Manchester outfit (34:12, 1:06:46, 1:27:18). All this plus X-mas stories, how do they calculate on-line sales?, she-males, British music after '79, engineering problems, hair genetics, lazy top 40 music, Paul's hidden art talents, who's Morrissey?, what's in an album cover and will play for Scotch.

Albums this week: Blurry Face - 21 Pilots   Morning, Mid-day, Midnight - Ana Popovic   St. Jude - The Courteeners

Intro Song: Not 19 Anymore - The Courteeners  Outro song: Glory Days - Pulp

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Jan 24, 2017

Our good friend Norm M. returns to the show this week bringing the theme "One Man Band" along with him. While Norm kicks off with jams from a modern synth-rock artist (14:00, 40:20, 1:07:22, 1:40:56), Paul plays tracks from an 80's break through album featuring African musicians (22:05, 46:07, 1:13:08) and Chris gives us cuts from the world's most popular virtual 'band' (31:06, 57:42, 1:31:17). All this plus ice in my craft beer, Finland/Poland adventures, friends' parents' albums, music on repeat, Blind Melon, Carrie Fisher, apartheid controversy, Zydeco, how to write a hit song, Will Smith, Rocktronica, melodica and the benefits of a virtual band.

Intro: Fender Bender - Kid Koala   Outro:  Norman - The Orwells

Albums This Week: Megolithic Symphony - Awolnation   Graceland - Paul Simon   Gorillaz - Self Titled

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Jan 4, 2017

We're back! Kicking of our second year of OLN, we bring you our first theme of the new year "Debut Albums". While Paul plays songs from a 90's pop/rock staple group (9:37, 33:02, 46:41, 1:02:06: 1:16:33), Chris plays tracks from the Canada's answer to Alt-Rock of the same era (22:16, 40:08, 53:40, 1:10:02, 1:23:49). All this plus Thanksgiving/the Bears (1:30), Black Friday (6:00), Dolly Parton (17:30), grunge vocals (20:20), the forgotten show (29:30), the TRUE OLN origin story (30:55), Hard Core Logo (43:30), lyrical content (51:00), Travelling Wilbur's (59:00), looney's + cigarette butts (1:00:00), talent vs good listening (1:07:00), longest held note (1:08:00), heroin is a hell of a drug (1:13:30), Paul wasn't a fan of the 80's (1:20:00) and when videos were king (1:21:00).

Intro: Blur - Popscene    Outro: Dolly Parton Shine

Albums This Week: Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid - Collective Soul     Picture of Health - Headstones

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Dec 1, 2016

This week we celebrate 50 episodes in the bank by reviewing some of our favourite moments and albums from our first full year as a podcast. Chris' faves (8:45, 25:57, 46:15, 1:08:37, 1:23:59) and Paul's faves (15:00, 31:41, 53:20, 1:14:37, 1:29:55). All this plus, Calgary/Lake Louise (5:00), origin stories (12:13), Rick Rubin (13:10), the Milroy's email (21:17), fun stats 1 (23:08), apology to Althea (35:50), Agent Palmer (40:45), fun stats (43:40), Momma Markham email (1:02:10), fun stats 3 (1:06:00), it's alright (1:14:00), Stef email (1:19:50), fun stats 4 (1:21:48), Carl's email (1:36:39), Matt's email (1:47:04) thank you's (1:52:12).

Please check out these fantastic podcasts: Full of Fibre, the4thline, Gotham Lights, 7 Days A Geek, Reasons Are Several, the Listening Party 

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has listened, tweeted, or participated with the show. We are ever so thankful for all of you!

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Nov 17, 2016

With Paul away in Calgary, this week we welcome Matt from Reasons Are Several podcast and his theme, "Bands From Manchester". While Matt plays tracks from an iconic 80's foursome (18:00, 40:01, 57:37, 1:21:34, 1:48:08), Chris plays songs from a group attempting a comeback in the 90's (27:02, 47:49, 1:08:10, 1:41:00, 1:57:05). All this plus, fantasy hockey (3:00), birth of a theme (5:00), E-mail from Palmer (10:00), Shaun of the Dead (28:26), it's a grower (30:00), Ian Brown pt 1 (36:22), Morrissey and Marr (45:00), Ian Brown pt 2 (53:00), Morrissey solo (1:04:35), Ian Brown pt 3 (1:12:12), record contracts (1:15:00), Marr in Portland (1:29:20), outdoor music fest/the Pixies (1:32:30), Happy Mondays kidnapping (1:55:30), Chris's realization (2:01:50) and Oasis (2:07:40).

Albums This Week: Best 1 - The Smiths   Second Coming the Smiths

Intro: Step On - The Happy Mondays   Outro: Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division

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Nov 12, 2016

This week's theme is "Any band/artist's third studio album". While Paul plays tracks from an Irish power trio (14:03, 36:10, 55:10, 1:11:55, 1:26:45), Chris selects songs from a family foursome out of Nashville Tennessee (24:20, 46:45, 1:04:21, 1:18:50, 1:36:48). All this plus, more weather talk (3:00), Halloween (4:50), the 3rd album curse (10:52), Skid Row or Skid Row (17:00), ATC school (32:50), funky junction (38:20), demon car (50:03), too-ra-loo-ra (57:50), too much studying (1:23:00), heroin takes yet another (1:34:00), stress will find a way (1:39:55), it's a small world (1:44:40).

Albums this Week: Vagabond of the Westernworld - Thin Lizzy   Because of the Times - Kings of Leon

Outro: Unco-up Showband Blues - Skid Row/Piece of Me - Skid Row

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Nov 8, 2016

This week's theme is "Bands From Michigan"! While Paul plays tracks from a 70's rock power trio (11:13, 32:31, 50:06, 1:06:34, 1:20:44), Chris selects songs from a Detroit rock duo from the 2000's (21:50, 41:27, 55:15, 1:13:08, 1:26:25). All this plus old men complain about the weather (3:12), SongFacts vs Wikipedia (15:00), more cowbell/the Simpsons (17:53), musical Britishness (28:39), Jack and Meg (30:44), Son House and the power of 3 (46:30), what is country? (59:30), cheap guitars (1:01:05), 70's shirt (1:10:50), hiding your blues (1:16:55), Shia LeBoeuf (1:19:17), organs and synth (1:24:43) and hangovers (1:30:30).

Albums This Week: We're an American Band - Grand Funk Railroad   White Blood Cells - White Stripes

Outro: Grinnen' in Your Face - Son House

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Nov 2, 2016

This week we are joined by none other than Neil C. of Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks and his theme "Bands Named After The Singer". While Neil gives us cuts from a well known arena rock band (11:24, 46:40, 1:20:43, 1:50:42), Chris plays tracks from a witty piano driven trio (24:12, 59:22, 1:32:30) and Paul plays songs from a little known band out of the UK (33:46, 1:11:50, 1:41:34). All this plus Chris' dentist experience (2:18), Neil the musician (19:51), 70's chorus' (44:15), John's perfect lyrics (51:37), the Christmas moose (57:40), too cool for school (1:04:00), 1972 vs 1997 (1:16:19), Bon Nickleback (1:28:56), breaking up (1:39:00), and 9-'s sitcom intros (1:53:24).

Albums this Week: Crush - Bon Jovi   Whatever and Ever Amen - Ben Folds Five   Self Titled - Parrish and Gurvitz 

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Oct 24, 2016

This week we lure out of hiatus the one and only Diamond Dave, who graciously fills in for co-hosting duties while Chris is away! Along with his theme, "Albums With No Vocal", Dave plays songs from an acoustic finger-tapping genius (12:46, 30:20, 44:02, 1:01:35, 1:19:53), while Paul selects tracks from an eclectic, if not temperamental, electric genius from the UK (20:58, 36:21, 50:38, 1:10:47, 1:32:32). All this plus, where's Chris? (3:19), Maier booze frugality (8:05), where's Diamond Minds? (9:56), Apple Music vs. Spotify (17:17), Dave's music @ work (33:25), Triple D's physique (35:39), finger-pickin' and telecasters (46:28), the devil's lettuce leads to jazz band (55:20), August Rush vs. the Pagemaster (1:03:58), Blue Jays (1:08:31), KEY 107 (1:17:54), Chris calls in to meet John Gomm (1:23:00), and Podoberfest 2016 (1:29:46).

Albums This Week: Dream Catcher - Andy McKee   Wired - Jeff Beck

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Oct 20, 2016

This week we welcome show fan, Chad from Winnipeg and his theme "Bands With a Significant Line Up Change". While Chad plays songs from a metal cornerstone group hitting t's stride with a new front man out of the UK (9:57, 47:27, 118:57, 1:52:34), Paul selects tracks from an arena rock quartet that lost a major part of their personality when they fired their lead singer (22:14, 1:00:38, 1:26:46) and Chris gives out a heaping funk from a party band that tragically lost it's previous guitarist from an overdose (37:21, 1:09:01, 1:42:52). All this plus Winnipeg connections (5:00), Hagar vs Roth pt1 (30:46), Eddie vs Roth (34:00), Maiden live pt1 (51:50), brown M+M's (1:00:00), D.L. Roth E.M.T (1:05:17), Eddie's secret technique (1:06:00), tidy whity's story (1:13:50),  Maiden live pt2 (1:24:30), Van Halen is really KISS (1:26:56), Hagar vs Roth pt2 (1:31:42) Alice in Chains bum's a smoke (1:37:54) don't eat guitar picks (1:41:00) and country debate pt352 (1:59:00).

Albums this Week: Somewhere In Time - Iron Maiden   5150 - Van Halen   Blood Sugar Sex Magic - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Outro: Eruption - Van Halen

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Oct 3, 2016

This week we decide to leave our main countries of musical influence to pick albums form artists "not found in North America or the UK". While Paul plays tracks from an Australian hard rock outfit for the ages (8:37, 36:16, 49:57, 1:04:48, 1:20:53), Chris plays cuts from one of the biggest albums of the 80's from the same country (26:28, 44:16, 58:19, 1:13:43, 1:31:50). All this plus intro song confusion (2:20), fine wine (9:41), cannons in your suitcase (20:30), Donald Trump huge (33:00), dumb record labels (33:50), family Young (51:34), vocal screeching (55:57), 1st MTV awards (1:03:32), what's in a name? (1:09:50), Chris' dad rocks out (1:11:30), Angus' outfit (1:21:10) and Rock Star INXS/J.D. Fortune (1:35:32).

Albums This Week: For Those About to Rock - AC/DC     Kick - INXS

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Sep 27, 2016

This week we welcome Rodrigo Venegas from the Listening Party Podcast and his theme "Sophomore Albums". Rod kicks things off with selections from an intimate singer/songwriter from Ireland (16:43, 1:02:05, 1:28:01, 1:57:50) while Chris plays cuts from a newer artist out of the UK (31:17, 1:09:41, 1:33:16) and Paul plays songs from a classically inspired concept album (48:13, 1:18:48, 1:47:10). All this plus Paul speaks Spanish (2:30), sophomore efforts (5:56), LA Kings (9:02), busking voice (20:14), reading into lyrics (41:30), millennials (46:30), Uncle Tom (54:17), weird dudes (1:06:48), Zooey Deschanel (1:17:17), becoming your idol (1:37:28), the kids don't know how to dance to rock n' roll (1:41:48), G. Hansard keeps good on his promise/Apogee Studios (2:02:20), vinyl easels (2:06:30) and Top 5 sophomore albums list (2:08:34).

Albums this week: Glen Hansard - Didn't He Ramble   The Vaccines - Come of Age   Moody Blues - Days of Future Passed

Reach Us: @podheadrod   @pmaier001  @chrismaierbc   @olinernotes

Sep 22, 2016

This week we welcome back our favourite fan, friend and fellow whatever-caster Agent Palmer and his theme: Woodstock! Jason takes us back to 1969 with songs from a legendary group best known for their beautiful harmonies (19:10, 51:14, 1:17:21, 1:50:33) while Paul select tracks from a killer blues guitarist (28:18, 59:08, 1:29:06) and Chris gives us cuts from arguably the greatest guitar player of all time (38:32, 1:09:08, 1:37:18). All this plus U2 (2:37), Joni Mitchell (25:29), Neil Young pt 1 (25:56), BB King (33:22), CSN origins (55:00), Frankenstein (1:07:50), Neil Young pt 2 (1:20:00), Edgar and Johnny Autumn (1:33:35), guitar playing techniques (1:38:00) and musicians at home (1:50:48).

Albums This Week: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Deja Vu   Johnny Winter - Live at Woodstock   Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold as Love

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Sep 12, 2016

This week we are joined by Chris' long time friend Dan from Winnipeg and his theme "Bands With at Least a Dozen Studio Albums". While Dan plays us songs off a brand new release from a band that thrived in the 80's (13:56, 47:41, 1:17:22, 1:44:37), Chris gives us tracks from a Canadian staple going through the worst time of their long tenured career (19:51, 57:48, 1:26:21) and Paul selects cuts from classic Scottish rock band with more albums than you can count (32:50, 1:07:20, 1:35:20). All this plus the Big Band revival (3:00), current state of pop (17:00), Janelle Mone (19:00), stolen band name (36:00), making of a Duran Duran fan (52:28), blown SNL appearance (1:04:28), Paul's platform boots (1:08:00), roller rink wipeout (1:12:45), Dan hears his song for the first time (1:20:32), we like to hear the lyrics (1:42:20) and back room Target deals (1:47:45).

Albums this week: Paper Gods - Duran Duran   Up To Here - Tragically Hip   Loud and Proud - Nazareth

Reach Us: @khabby35   @pmaier001  @chrismaierBC   @olinernotes

Sep 3, 2016

This week is a host-ful episode with our theme "The Rolling Stones"! While Paul plays tracks from arguably the best album in the Stones' collection (19:42, 37:57, 57:01, 1:13:38, 1:24:23), Chris plays cuts from the prior album during which the band was going through a transitional phase in their career (27:52, 48:44, 1:04:31, 1:19:42, 1:31:06). All this plus Chris's return (2:55), Chimney Rock (10:00), Paul at the movies (25:11), Brian Jones (35:00), 12 string guitars (39:04), what's in a name? (43:45), oatmeal (45:03), Paul's old shirt (47:43), concert crowd ages (1:09:26), Beatles v Stones revisited (1:08:00), Paul's poor memory (1:28:55), live Stones' experience (1:34:35) and all time record sales (1:38:42)

Albums this Week: Sticky Fingers and Let it Bleed - The Rolling Stones

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