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Oct 24, 2016

This week we lure out of hiatus the one and only Diamond Dave, who graciously fills in for co-hosting duties while Chris is away! Along with his theme, "Albums With No Vocal", Dave plays songs from an acoustic finger-tapping genius (12:46, 30:20, 44:02, 1:01:35, 1:19:53), while Paul selects tracks from an eclectic, if not temperamental, electric genius from the UK (20:58, 36:21, 50:38, 1:10:47, 1:32:32). All this plus, where's Chris? (3:19), Maier booze frugality (8:05), where's Diamond Minds? (9:56), Apple Music vs. Spotify (17:17), Dave's music @ work (33:25), Triple D's physique (35:39), finger-pickin' and telecasters (46:28), the devil's lettuce leads to jazz band (55:20), August Rush vs. the Pagemaster (1:03:58), Blue Jays (1:08:31), KEY 107 (1:17:54), Chris calls in to meet John Gomm (1:23:00), and Podoberfest 2016 (1:29:46).

Albums This Week: Dream Catcher - Andy McKee   Wired - Jeff Beck

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