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Oct 20, 2016

This week we welcome show fan, Chad from Winnipeg and his theme "Bands With a Significant Line Up Change". While Chad plays songs from a metal cornerstone group hitting t's stride with a new front man out of the UK (9:57, 47:27, 118:57, 1:52:34), Paul selects tracks from an arena rock quartet that lost a major part of their personality when they fired their lead singer (22:14, 1:00:38, 1:26:46) and Chris gives out a heaping funk from a party band that tragically lost it's previous guitarist from an overdose (37:21, 1:09:01, 1:42:52). All this plus Winnipeg connections (5:00), Hagar vs Roth pt1 (30:46), Eddie vs Roth (34:00), Maiden live pt1 (51:50), brown M+M's (1:00:00), D.L. Roth E.M.T (1:05:17), Eddie's secret technique (1:06:00), tidy whity's story (1:13:50),  Maiden live pt2 (1:24:30), Van Halen is really KISS (1:26:56), Hagar vs Roth pt2 (1:31:42) Alice in Chains bum's a smoke (1:37:54) don't eat guitar picks (1:41:00) and country debate pt352 (1:59:00).

Albums this Week: Somewhere In Time - Iron Maiden   5150 - Van Halen   Blood Sugar Sex Magic - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Outro: Eruption - Van Halen

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