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Jul 6, 2016

With this week's theme "Acid Jazz" Paul plays tracks from a funk and soul infused 90's group out of the UK (15:30, 29:32, 44:13, 55:47, 1:12:27) while Chris play cuts from a smooth collection of low tempo artists (22:07, 34:58, 50:33, 1:03:50, 1:19:36). All this plus innate yodeling ability (2:25), Cozumel (6:00), work updates (10:21), didgeridoo's (21:27), sub genres of electronica (23:40), organic chemistry study habits (39:33), Johnny Walker Black (41:00), disco violins pt. 2 (49:01), Adam Smith and Chris + Kris's 1st date (1:08:58), Royal Order of Water Buffalo (1:16:23) and Paul gets a deal as only a Maier can (1:26:44).

Intro: Music by Soggy Bottom Boys, lyrics by Paul Maier

Outro: Virtual Insanity - Jamiroquai

Albums This Week: Emergency on Planet Earth - Jamiroquai  Rebirth of Cool Phive - Various

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