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Jun 13, 2016

*This week play the OLN drinking game! Everytime Chris says "definitely" or Paul says "British", take a drink!*

This week our co-hosts go guest-less with the theme "One Hit Wonder". While Paul plays cuts from another 70's rock band out of Denver (14:45, 38:48, 55:13, 1:07:21, 1:26:33), Chris selects tracks from another British band going through a stylistic shift (25:45, 46:43, 1:02:08, 1:17:44, 1:31:03). All this plus Chris vs Eddie Van Halen (2:34), Cindy's bobblehead (5:45), wisdom teeth (8:52), Paul's Super 70's Podcast Playlist (24:21), the Manitoba Moose (32:29), Seymour Butts (34:55), how many music charts are there? (1:16:06), Blur cover band (1:23:33), French OLN fans (1:40:16)

Intro: Music by David Lee Roth  Lyrics by Paul Maier   Outro:Van Halen preforms Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

Albums This Week: Don't Call Us We'll Call You - Sugarloaf   Blur - Blur

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