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May 23, 2016

This week we welcome Hinton McLeod of the newly formed Ouroboros podcast and his theme "Album People Haven't Heard Of". While Hinton gives us songs from a quirky 90's Swedish pop band (12:12), Chris plays cuts from a British hard rock band that's difficult to explain (20:47), and Paul spins tunes from a manufactured 70's album produced by a German mastermind (31:31). All this plus hating on the Smiths (3:41), Phantom of the Paradise (26:38), Japanese metal (28:52), porn closets (30:02), weird white people (48:40), geocaching (51:03), imposter bands (1:07:36), American Idol and the Voice (1:13:51), Paul falls asleep (1:30:10) and Trailer Park Boys (1:36:20).

Intro: music by Pearl Jam, lyrics by Paul Maier  Outro: Boney M

Albums This Week: The Genius of Komeda - Komeda  Best of - The Wildhearts  Nightlight to Venus - Boney M

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