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May 15, 2016

This week we welcome back the incomparable Diamond Davie Maier of the Diamond Dave Show, Chronicles Unwritten and Diamond Minds and his theme "Country" - selected as a form of vengeance on Chris for ruining Matthew Good on his previous appearance! Dave kicks things off with selections from a country duo he heard while his ex-girlfriend was being swept away by his best friend (16:08), Paul plays tracks from a country artist who claims to not to be bound by genre (28:00), and Chris plays the songs of an old country legend that reminds him of growing up (41:38). All this plus DD in Texas (3:51), Dave's revenge (9:43), best friend cock block (14:07), OLN sports talk (21:07), Genra, Jenra, Genre (34:38), country origins lesson (51:08), Uncle Brent drops in (1:16:59), Talladega and Nascar (1:22:03), Fireball whiskey, brandy and eggplants (1:40:49).

Intro: Words and music by David Maier

Albums This Week: Here's to the Good Times - Florida Georgia Line   Eric Church - The Outsiders   Johnny Cash - Unchained

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