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Feb 14, 2016

This week we have on Matt McDonough from Passer's By Podcast with his chosen theme of "Album You Love on Vinyl". After blowing us away with his story of home engineering, Matt plays selections from an album that technology couldn't hold him back from - Chris brings cuts from a best of album for an artist that can't get airplay until 20 years after he releases his material and Paul plays songs from a Canadian band that spawned a top music producer as well as Bryan Adam's long-time co-writer. All this plus power-ballads, song stealing, staged vs theatrical, free vinyl, wannabe DJ's and we finally retire Detroit Rock City from the Listening Party Podcast! 

Intro: Music by Pink Floyd - Lyrics by Paul Maier    Outro: Detroit Rock City - Kiss

Albums This Week: Destroyer - Kiss   Nude and Rude - Iggy Pop   Armageddon - Prism

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