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Feb 1, 2016

This week we have musician and podcaster Jason Ferguson from A Basement in Tulsa. Fresh off his appearance on the Listening Party Podcast, Jason elaborates further on his American Idol tryouts and explains how he quit music to concentrate on podcasting. Under the theme of "Live Album", Jason presents a band he saw early on in their career and wishes he had paid attention to when he had the chance to get to know them. Pauls album is a UK originator of hard rock that inspired many to came after and Chris brings a live California punk album that pushed him to look into their source material. This plus the rigours of live performance, strict parents, fertility cults and Chris' inability to hear lyrics!

Intro by Paul Maier    Outro: Set That Girl Free - Jason Ferguson

Albums This Week: Live From the Woods - NeedToBreathe    Live 1973 - Uriah Heep    Live From the Roxy - Social Distortion

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