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Oct 3, 2016

This week we decide to leave our main countries of musical influence to pick albums form artists "not found in North America or the UK". While Paul plays tracks from an Australian hard rock outfit for the ages (8:37, 36:16, 49:57, 1:04:48, 1:20:53), Chris plays cuts from one of the biggest albums of the 80's from the same country (26:28, 44:16, 58:19, 1:13:43, 1:31:50). All this plus intro song confusion (2:20), fine wine (9:41), cannons in your suitcase (20:30), Donald Trump huge (33:00), dumb record labels (33:50), family Young (51:34), vocal screeching (55:57), 1st MTV awards (1:03:32), what's in a name? (1:09:50), Chris' dad rocks out (1:11:30), Angus' outfit (1:21:10) and Rock Star INXS/J.D. Fortune (1:35:32).

Albums This Week: For Those About to Rock - AC/DC     Kick - INXS

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