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Jan 9, 2024

More Star Wars fun this week as we are joined by Matt's 'From A Certain Point Askew' podcast co-host, Jay! We get into more topics including recasting vs CGI, future projects we're excited for and of course, the highs and lows of the Star Wars fandom.

Track list:
00:00 - Intro (Jamiroquai - Use the Force)
00:50 - Mos Def - Know That
06:06 - Recast or CGI?
12:45 - Ekoh - Mandalorian Single
17:30 - Future project most excited for
22:50 - Nerf Herder - Van Halen
26:50 - Star Wars Fandom
33:23 - Tenacious D - Deth Star
37:09 - Casting lesser-known actors vs. big names 
40:33 - Which SW character would you like to play
44:00 - Everclear - Wonderful
48:49 - Where would you like SW to go that it hasn't yet?
55:52 - Outro (Gorillaz - The Sounder)

You can find Jay on twitter @s7evendaysageek and the From A Certain Point Askew podcast @facpapod. You can find more details about their show at

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