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Jul 18, 2017

In the very first episode of the brand spankin' new 'Mix Tape' format, Chris invites the one and only producer extraordinaire, Agent Palmer! Given a pre-set list of questions, Palmer selects an eclectic blend of tracks as his answers (10:50, 21:05, 32:25, 39:20, 48:43, 58:45, 1:11:29, 1:20:29) to take us on a musical journey through his soul. All this plus: Shell Cruisin' Classics, dinner parties, mom vs dad, basketball pep band, cover bands, the Transformers, Bic lighters, wanting to be saved, female songwriters, Eternal Flame torture, college bands, funeral songs and teenage love.

ALSO - Stay tuned for a special bonus behind the scenes interview!

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