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Jul 8, 2017

This week Chris is joined by his lovely wife and How Was Your Week Honey Co-host, Kristin Maier as they play some selected tracks from their A - Z playlists as assigned to them by the one and only Agent Palmer. While Chris has difficulty selecting tracks that haven't already appears on the show (21:10, 37:48, 54:22, 1:12:22, 1:30:28), Kristin plays cuts from her much more eclectic list (9:44, 28:34, 44:43, 1:02:47, 1:20:44). All this, plus: list origins, Jazz music, significant others music, steak and mushrooms, bands we can't agree on, sick boys, the Blues, Whistler retreats, female artists, drug use in film, Kurt and Courtney, difficulties with themes and genres, honourable mentions and EDM.

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