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Feb 18, 2017

This week Agent Palmer returns to fill in as co-host with the theme "Power Trio". Savouring his first opportunity to bring five songs, Palmer selects tracks from a mid-western trio he discovered in college (12:50, 32:16, 53:22, 1:14:00, 13:54) while Chris plays songs from a Scottish indie-rock band major debut (18:00, 43:15, 1:06:25, 1:24:44, 1:42:26). All this plus the plethora of power trios, Emo, how to start an album, Beatles vs Stones reprise, Chicago vs Delta blues, home recordings back in the day, hating the Vancouver Canucks, Palmer breaks the OLN rules, band evolution over time, indie bands, hidden CD tracks and the benefits of streaming services.

Albums this week: Maybe I'll Catch Fire - Alkaline Trio    Costello Music - the Fratellis

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