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Jan 24, 2017

Our good friend Norm M. returns to the show this week bringing the theme "One Man Band" along with him. While Norm kicks off with jams from a modern synth-rock artist (14:00, 40:20, 1:07:22, 1:40:56), Paul plays tracks from an 80's break through album featuring African musicians (22:05, 46:07, 1:13:08) and Chris gives us cuts from the world's most popular virtual 'band' (31:06, 57:42, 1:31:17). All this plus ice in my craft beer, Finland/Poland adventures, friends' parents' albums, music on repeat, Blind Melon, Carrie Fisher, apartheid controversy, Zydeco, how to write a hit song, Will Smith, Rocktronica, melodica and the benefits of a virtual band.

Intro: Fender Bender - Kid Koala   Outro:  Norman - The Orwells

Albums This Week: Megolithic Symphony - Awolnation   Graceland - Paul Simon   Gorillaz - Self Titled

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