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Sep 12, 2016

This week we are joined by Chris' long time friend Dan from Winnipeg and his theme "Bands With at Least a Dozen Studio Albums". While Dan plays us songs off a brand new release from a band that thrived in the 80's (13:56, 47:41, 1:17:22, 1:44:37), Chris gives us tracks from a Canadian staple going through the worst time of their long tenured career (19:51, 57:48, 1:26:21) and Paul selects cuts from classic Scottish rock band with more albums than you can count (32:50, 1:07:20, 1:35:20). All this plus the Big Band revival (3:00), current state of pop (17:00), Janelle Mone (19:00), stolen band name (36:00), making of a Duran Duran fan (52:28), blown SNL appearance (1:04:28), Paul's platform boots (1:08:00), roller rink wipeout (1:12:45), Dan hears his song for the first time (1:20:32), we like to hear the lyrics (1:42:20) and back room Target deals (1:47:45).

Albums this week: Paper Gods - Duran Duran   Up To Here - Tragically Hip   Loud and Proud - Nazareth

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