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Sep 3, 2016

This week is a host-ful episode with our theme "The Rolling Stones"! While Paul plays tracks from arguably the best album in the Stones' collection (19:42, 37:57, 57:01, 1:13:38, 1:24:23), Chris plays cuts from the prior album during which the band was going through a transitional phase in their career (27:52, 48:44, 1:04:31, 1:19:42, 1:31:06). All this plus Chris's return (2:55), Chimney Rock (10:00), Paul at the movies (25:11), Brian Jones (35:00), 12 string guitars (39:04), what's in a name? (43:45), oatmeal (45:03), Paul's old shirt (47:43), concert crowd ages (1:09:26), Beatles v Stones revisited (1:08:00), Paul's poor memory (1:28:55), live Stones' experience (1:34:35) and all time record sales (1:38:42)

Albums this Week: Sticky Fingers and Let it Bleed - The Rolling Stones

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