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Aug 9, 2016

This week we push yet another Maier into podcasting, Chris's sister Carrie from Winnipeg, Manitoba along with her theme - female fronted bands! While Carrie gives us her songs from the first album she ever owned (13:36, 38:18, 1:00:37, 1:23:32), Paul tortures Chris with yet another country album (21:22, 43:39, 1:07:10) as Chris returns the favour in kind and selects tacks from yet another band from the UK (29:18, 49:31, 1:12:15). All this plus, the Maier Clan Band (2:20), Penticton vacations (4:28), female fronted bands vs solo artists (8:53), Godfather moment in the oil fields (18:43), the Winnipeg Blue Lightning (34:32), benefits to being a one hit wonder (41:19), Chris blows another intro (53:12), yield sign of destruction (54:28), taking the high road on country (1:10:43), partying with the band (1:16:45), and Paul's lack of grandchildren (1:22:46).

Fun Drinking Game This Week!: Every time Carrie bumps her mic, take a drink!

Intro: Music by Elastica - lyrics by Paul Maier

Outro: Vaseline - Elastica

Albums This Week: Bigger, Better, Faster, More!! - 4 Non-Blondes   Golden - Lady Antebellum   Elastica - Elastica

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