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Aug 1, 2016

After kicking of the show with a Paul Maier original composition, the boys hit shuffle on their listening devices and pick the first album that comes up! While Chris plays songs from a tongue in cheek alt/rock band (17:50, 34:19, 49:05, 1:01:34, 1:11:27), Paul selects tracks from a 70's rock cornerstone out of the UK (27:17, 44:08, 54:41, 1:06:28, 1:17:20). All this plus making America great again (3:12), winding down in Charlotte (5:15), personal music devices (9:37), the Simpsons (36:32), how to track down albums in the olden days (35:52), Sergio the baker (42:00), Peach Beer, (53:07), Ohoff Uhn (59:18), quizas quizas quizas (1:14:55), more OLN death talk (1:21:41), Foghat v. Taylor Swift (1:24:47).

Outro: Nugget - Cake

Albums This Week: Fashion Nugget - Cake   Fool For The City - Foghat

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