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Jul 10, 2016

While Paul is away on vacation, we welcome back Kristin Maier and an extra special guest - Rowyn Maier! With her theme "Albums with numbers in the title", Rowyn plays her favourite songs from the biggest album to come out in the last two years (4:21, 30:12, 52:34, 1:12:58), Kristin selects tracks from a cornerstone group of the Seattle grunge scene (11:14, 36:58, 1:00:40) and Chris (in tribute to Paul) spins a few songs from one of the biggest rock bands' of the 70's (22:00, 44:17, 1:06:16). All this plus the Grammy's (8:00), Rowyn's quiz (10:08, 56:44, 57:27, 1:17:37, 1:20:23), Eddie Vedder (15:59), the Outside Explorer's (20:03), Star Wars (22:39), flower girls (26:28), what's a single? (33:36), pink guitar (41:43), age appropriate lyrics (1:02:48), Kris falls for Chris (1:10:23), and liner note codes (1:18:04).

Intro: School's Out - Alice Cooper

Outro: Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin

Albums This Week: 1989 - Taylor Swift    Pearl Jam - Ten     Led Zeppelin - 2

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