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Jun 26, 2016

This week welcome Stefanie Muniz of Gotham Lights, Geek Up and Go and Seven Days A Geek and her theme "Lounge Singers". While Stef plays us some swingin' tunes from one of the most famous 50's crooner of all time (15:00, 39:59, 1:06:14, 1:37:36), Chris selects tracks from a laid back jazz laden album from the 60's (21:52, 47:07, 1:15:36) and Paul gives us some classic 70's songs from a well known artist who began his career as a lounge performer (28:18, 55:14, 1:25:05). All this plus Bulleit and Gators (3:47), relocation services (6:15), Shumway (10:29), definition of lounge (19:06), jazz school (20:05), Palmer's first e-mail Q (36:19), Billboard charts (44:55), ulterior music motives (51:24), Palmer's second Q (1:03:53), female lounge singers (1:10:37), Austria and family history (1:29:34), Palmer's third Q (1:34:38) and Dr Who (1:44:60).

Intro: Music by Dean Martin  Lyrics by Chris Maier  Outro: Dr. Who Theme

Albums This Week: Songs For Swinging Lovers - Frank Sinatra   John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman - Self Titled   Strangers - Billy Joel

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