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May 29, 2016

On this week's episode we welcome back our favourite fan, friend, and blogger, THE Agent Palmer of Seven Days A Geek, Wicked Theory Podcast, the Diamond Dave Show and more! After finalizing his theme of "First Concert" via Twitter Poll, Palmer and Chris each play tracks from the same classic rock band (11:49 + 40:55), but from different albums while Paul plays songs from a popular band he ended up sitting alone to see! All this plus more Nascar (6:23), original streaming concerts (14:59), guitar solos (29:20), show openers (47:21), Neil Diamond look a like (1:05:27), to single or not to single (1:14:01), Heartbreak Hotel (1:27:36), VLT's (1:31:26), explaining lyrics to your mother (1:34:37) and the infamous pink curtains (1:45:01).

Intro: Music by Bob Marley Lyrics by Paul Maier  Outro: The Show Must Go On - Three Dog Night

Albums This Week:   Nine Lives - Aerosmith     Greatest Hits - Three Dog Night       Pump - Aerosmith

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