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May 10, 2016

This week we welcome Althea, producer for Podcasting 101, and her theme "3 Times a Charm - music you have purchased at least three times on various formats". While Althea selects cuts from a quirky 90's band that hit it big with songs about fruits and cats (12:26), Chris plays tracks from another 90's album made be geeks and nerds just like him (21:10), and Paul gives us songs off an album that had some of the biggest classic rock hits of the 70's (33:10). All this plus, OLN sports talk (7:95), broken hockey brackets (10:30), Volvo's (15:33), early porn memories (31:00), peep shows (1:08:54), Physics class (1:17:43), Althea's take on kids and albums today (1:21:12), "Just play Peaches!" (1:40:00), and metric vs imperial (1:43:35).

Intro: Music written by the Black Keys - preformed by Chris Maier   Outro: China Grove - Doobie Brothers

Albums This Week: President of The United States - Self Titled   Weezer - Self Titled   Captain and Me - Doobie Brothers

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