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Apr 25, 2016

This weeks theme is "Band/Artist from the Maritimes". Chris features a greatest hits album from one of Canada's biggest East Coast bands of all time (19:10) while Paul selects tracks from a long serving solo artist from Nova Scotia (27:25). Also on this episode, where has the time gone? (2:11), definition of the Maritimes (5:46), 4/20 (11:51), Rita McNeil (34:24), what's Chris' album (38:00), Paul @ 69 (1:03:31), Legends of the NHL (1:14:38),  Canadian pride (1:18:58) and Paul hates Mike Vernon (1:37:28)

Intro: music by Beck lyrics by Paul Maier   Outro: Can't You See by Marshall Tucker Band

Albums this week: A-Sides Win - Sloan   Matt Minglewood Band - Matt Minglewood

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