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Apr 4, 2016

This week on OLN, we welcome Chris' brother in-law Seb Hachey and his theme "Band You Didn't Like Until You Saw Them Live" and his album of symphonic metal that he didn't feel was metal enough (12:28). Paul selects tracks from a British band that influenced many popular artists that came afterwards (19:35) and Chris plays cuts from one of his all-time favourite guitar albums (31:18). All this plus, Bulleit vs. Crown Royal (3:56), more reasons not to like Nickleback (9:48), double-bass on a Hello-Kitty drum kit (43:07), Pink Floyd (1:07:22), sound effects for the show (1:17:03), Red Hot Slade Peppers (1:24:08), Paul loves Sonic (1:31:18), Beats headphones (1:39:02)

Intro: Music by Ben Harper, lyrics by Paul Maier   Outro: Mike Portnoy On Hello Kitty Drum Kit 

Albums This Week: Systematic Chaos - Dream Theatre   Slayed? - Slade   The Bends - Radiohead

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